Stay hydrated out on the roads with WOW HYDRATE sports water

If you’re a keen cyclist and always out on the roads exploring new views in the great outdoors, you’ll already know that this low impact aerobic exercise boasts many benefits.

Whether you cycle casually or competitively, it’s essential that you’re benefiting from healthy hydration before, during and after. WOW HYDRATE sports water provides the vital protein and electrolytes you need out on your bike to maintain performance levels and aid recovery.

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3 Essential Electrolytes - WOW HYDRATE
Stay hydrated. Losing only the smallest percentage of your bodyweight in sweat can have a negative effect on your focus and speed out on the roads. Replenish necessary minerals lost through sweat with WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte water.
Vitamin C, D & B6 - WOW HYDRATE
Stay alert. Vitamins B6, C & D help to boost energy and brain function, which are vital when you’re tackling those tough inclines.
Collagen Protein - WOW HYDRATE
Stay in control of your diet. Regular consumption of collagen helps to regulate appetite, meaning that you can stick to a diet that complements your training routine.
Sugar Free - WOW HYDRATE
Maintain blood sugar levels. The more you cycle and the more energy you expend, the faster your blood sugar will fall. Collagen has been shown to stabilise blood sugar levels more effectively than other proteins.
Collagen Protein - WOW HYDRATE
Reduce recovery time. There’s no doubt that you experience achy legs after a day out on the bike. Collagen protein is easily digested and readily absorbed in the body where it can help to aid recovery of sore muscles.
Maintain energy levels. BCAAs can help to reduce fatigue and tiredness, meaning that you’ll benefit from the boost during a cycle.