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We are a sports drink brand on a mission to change the face of sports and fitness hydration. Our goal is to educate and inspire individuals – pushing everyone to be the best, no matter their environment. We want to help people reach their goals by offering products that are truly healthy, delivering performance benefits right when they’re needed.

We are strong advocates of raising awareness of the dangers and effects of sugar in diets, that’s why our range of electrolyte drinks and vitamin-enriched protein water is completely sugar free.

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Protein Drinks - Sports Drinks - WOW HYDRATE


There are many sports waters and electrolyte drinks on the market that are full of sugar and definitely not as healthy as consumers might think. We created WOW HYDRATE to provide consumers with alternatives that are not only healthy, but taste great too.

Our low calorie, fat-free and sugar-free sports drinks allow you to stay hydrated and energised. WOW HYDRATE ingredients boast an abundance of health benefits, so by choosing our electrolyte drinks and protein water you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body – while enjoying a lot more flavour than just plain water.

Plus, they offer a lot more flavour than plain water.


Water keeps you hydrated and aids the digestion of the protein and vitamins present in WOW HYDRATE electrolyte drinks and protein water. It helps keep our drinks lower in calories while delivering everything you need alongside a healthy diet. It also ensures that the added benefits of WOW HYDRATE are fully absorbed by the body.

It also ensures everything is fully absorbed by the body and not lost through the gut.

Electrolyte Drinks - Sports Drinks - WOW HYDRATE