WOW HYDRATE ran a 12 Week Protein Trial with three lucky teams out of the 500 teams who received free drinks for 3 months, as part of our Harry Hydrates Grassroots Trial with Harry Maguire and Tesco.

This trial was conducted by Dr Sarah Schenker, WOW HYDRATE’s Brand Nutritionist.

What was the trial?

Over the 12 weeks, each player of the team were required to drink a minimum of one of our Protein waters a day, containing 20g of collagen protein. This is alongside healthy eating and their training schedule.

The teams were tested on their performance plus their body fat was calculated before the 12 weeks began. After the 12 weeks they then were tested and measured again to show a comparison and the results our protein water can bring to them and improve their performance on the pitch.

What were the results?


There was a 2.14% loss in body fat! And a 29% increase in performance!

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Want to read the full report by our brand nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker?

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