Our long-term ambassador Tyson Fury on how he pushes it to be the best, as part of our #PushIt to be the best Campaign. Tyson discusses how he was born to box, how he stays motivated everyday, why he supports WOW HYDRATE and more.

“I got into boxing, it’s a family tradition. Done it all my life. Started fighting when I was coming out the womb”

“Every day I push myself to be the best I can be. There’s no easy days in the gym…go hard or go home”

Tyson has been involved in WOW HYDRATE for the past two years, releasing him as an ambassador last year.

“…It helps me in muscle repair…in hydration and it helps put the vitamins, minerals and salts that I lose out my body while I’m training back in after the sessions so I can start again in the evening.”

Watch Tyson #PushIt to be the best!