Enhance your performance at the gym with WOW HYDRATE sports water

Whether you follow home workout videos or prefer to be put through your paces with a Personal Trainer at the gym, when you are performing intense exercise such as power lifts or sprints, your muscles rely on a fast source of energy.

Collagen protein inside WOW HYDRATE Protein water contains what is needed to increase your physical performance, while electrolytes inside WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte water helps to replenish minerals lost through sweat.

Dr Sarah

“If you don’t consume enough fluids, over time the body will become dehydrated. WOW HYDRATE sports waters not only provide electrolytes that help to improve regulation of fluid balance in the body, but they also contain collagen, which is a powerful protein that supports a multitude of health benefits and in particular promotes muscle growth and aids performance of regular exercisers.”

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3 Essential Electrolytes - WOW HYDRATE
Prevent dehydration. Replenish necessary minerals lost through sweat during your sessions with WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte water.
Vitamin C, D & B6 - WOW HYDRATE
Stay alert. Vitamins B6, C & D help to boost energy and brain function, which are essential no matter whether you’re power lifting or performing a HIIT session.
Collagen Protein - WOW HYDRATE
Have control over your diet. Regular consumption of collagen helps to regulate appetite, meaning that you can stick to a diet that complements your training routine
Sugar Free - WOW HYDRATE
Maintain blood sugar levels. The more you train and the more energy you expend, the faster your blood sugar will fall. Collagen has been shown to stabilise blood sugar levels more effectively than other proteins.
Collagen Protein - WOW HYDRATE
Recover faster. There’s no doubt that you experience achy legs after a heavy session in the gym. Collagen protein is easily digested and readily absorbed in the body where it can help to aid recovery of sore muscles.
Sugar Free - WOW HYDRATE
Get the boost you need. BCAAs can help to reduce fatigue and tiredness, meaning that you’ll benefit from a great boost during your sessions.