Beat them to the punch with WOW HYDRATE sports water

Boxers are extremely fit athletes that need to be constantly hydrated throughout their gruelling routines. WOW HYDRATE provides vital protein and electrolytes to maintain performance levels and aid recovery. If you’re looking for a protein water that packs a powerful punch, or a healthy hydration product that replaces the electrolytes that you lose through sweat during your sparring sessions, WOW HYDRATE will help to ensure that you go all 12 rounds.

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3 Essential Electrolytes - WOW HYDRATE
Enhance your performance. Losing only the smallest percentage of your bodyweight in sweat can have a negative effect on your focus and speed inside the ring. Replenish necessary minerals lost through sweat with WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte water.
Vitamin C, D & B6 - WOW HYDRATE
Stay hydrated, stay alert. Vitamins B6, C & D help to boost immunity, energy and brain function, which are all vital when you’re up against an opponent.
Collagen Protein - WOW HYDRATE
Stay in shape. Regular consumption of collagen helps to regulate appetite, meaning that you can stick to a diet that complements your training routine.
Immune Support - WOW HYDRATE
Stay strong. Collagen helps to stimulate the production of new bone cells and reduce bone breakdown.
Collagen Protein - WOW HYDRATE
Build muscle. Consuming 20g of collagen during a workout promotes the production of creatine in the body, which can help to build new muscle after training.
Maintain energy levels. BCAAs can help to reduce fatigue and tiredness, meaning that you’ll benefit from the boost during your sparring sessions.