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Harry's WOW Bundle

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What’s Included

Bundle contains 12 x 500ml bottles of  protein, protein pro & electrolyte waters

Each bottle of Protein contains

  • Under 50 calories
  • 10g of collagen protein
  • Vitamins B6, C and D
  • BCAAs

Each bottle of Electrolyte contains

  • Under 10 calories
  • 3 essentials electrolytes
  • Vitamins B6, C and D

Each bottle of Protein Pro contains

  • Under 100 calories
  • 20g of collagen protein
  • Vitamins B6, C and D
  • BCAAs

Our low-calorie protein and electrolyte sports drinks give ‘on-the-go’ a new approach, providing essential vitamins and electrolytes at their most powerful – rehydrating the body without carbohydrates or sugar.

Our Protein & Protein Pro Water

Our protein water contains essential nutrients such as vitamins B6, C, D and vital amino acids BCAAs. Each protein drink contains a natural flavour within the protein collagen water.

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Our Electrolyte Water

Our electrolyte water contains Vitamins B6, C, D and, of course, electrolytes. Each electrolyte drink contains a natural flavour within the water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the protein used in protein water?

WOW HYDRATE use collagen protein as our primary protein source from bovine. Collagen protein is easily digested and quickly absorbed while increasing muscle mass and aiding recovery. It also improves hair and skin health, boosts your metabolism and energy output and strengthens hair, nails and teeth.⠀⠀⠀

Why should I drink WOW HYDRATE?

WOW HYDRATE is the latest innovation in fitness. All consumers get to benefit from fresh, fast hydration. Packed with electrolytes, collagen protein and Vitamins B6, C & D, WOW HYDRATE offers so much more than just water. Plus, you also get to see what exactly you are drinking! WOW HYDRATE is an easy and convenient way to add nutrients to your diet.

  • No powder, measuring, spillage or wastage
  • No cleaning, mess or washing up.
  • Full of flavour with essential nutrients
  • Fresh & powerful ingredients
  • Perfect for those on the go leading healthy active lifestyles

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