Our Push-Cap Technology ensures you get 100% of the ingredient benefits once activated, with no goodness lost through degradation. Our innovative Push-Cap is simple to activate and releases the goodness and flavour into the water at a press of the button.


Vitamins stored in the cap exposed to moisture increases the rate they are degraded by chemical reactions, along with exposure to temperature and light, being stored in our cap means our vitamins strength is contained and only then the process begins once the cap is pressed giving a 24 hour time frame to consume the drink and benefit fully from ingredients.

We want our drinks to be full of flavour while still being healthy, our push cap means we can deliver a fresh powerful flavour along with our fresh ingredients to make our drinks taste as good as they are for you.

‘WOW Hydrate uses ‘push cap’ technology to maintain the integrity of the vitamins. Many external factors affect the stability of vitamins including temperature, oxygen levels, humidity, light and pH. Vitamin D is sensitive to all these factors and levels will drop in a drink if not stored correctly. Vitamin C and B6 are also sensitive and levels in a drink will reduce over time. The cap protects the vitamins and keeps their levels stable.’

Dr Sarah

Our Nutritionalist


SARAH is one of the UK’s leading dietitians and media spokespeople. She is further qualified as an accredited sports dietitian and registered public health nutritionist,

She has a wealth of experience as a health writer and broadcaster, regularly contributing to titles as diverse as The Daily Mail, The Times, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Top Santé magazine, as well as appearing on and consulting for shows including This Morning, Live with Gabby, Watchdog and across national and local BBC Radio. She is also a regular contributor on Sky News. Sarah has written two books My Sugar Free Baby and Me (Bloomsbury) and Myth Busting Your Body ((Andre Deutsch). She is also the co-author of the international best seller Fast Diet Recipe Book and provided the recipes for The Blood Sugar Fix, The Ageless Body and Eat Your Way to Lower Cholesterol.

Sarah is also a member of the Association for Nutrition; The Nutrition Society; The Guild of Health Writers and has served on both professional and government committees.

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