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WOW HYDRATE ran a 3 month trial to explore how being healthy physically, is important to improve mental health.

At WOW HYDRATE, we wanted to explore how physical health can affect mental health. With the help of our brand nutritionist, Dr Sarah Schenker, and our partner of three years, Castleford Tigers rugby team, we were able to conduct a three-month trial to find out more.

Trial Details

The trial was conducted with players from Castleford Tigers and 16 participants from four additional teams – 1st Team, Academy, Women’s and Physical Disability Rugby League.

Over the three month period, we studied the effects of the following on overall mental and physical health:

Consumption of one bottle of WOW HYDRATE’s protein water per day.
Adherence to a healthy diet.
Regular training.

Before the trial began, all participants completed a questionnaire about their mental health, and had their measurements and weight taken, including calculation of body fat.

Watch Part 1 here:

The Results

All participants saw an improvement in their mental health and lost up to 7% body fat.

Watch the results here:

If you are interested in the results, you can download:

See the results

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